Divining Triptychs: Printmaking, Dance, and Poetry Across Millennia

03/16/2018 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM ET


  • $10.00  -  BAC Member or youth
  • $15.00  -  Nonmember


Berkeley Art Center
1275 Walnut Street
Berkeley, CA 94709
United States of America


works by Robert Woods, Lucinda Weaver, and Alan Bern


This multimedia exhibition and live event feature the work of poet and storyteller Alan Bern; dancer and choreographer Lucinda Weaver; and artist Robert Woods. With deep roots in Berkeley, all three have been working along parallel lines and then weaving their work together in site-specific collaborations. Woods and Bern have worked together under the fine publishing imprint Lines & Faces for more than forty years. Weaver, who danced with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, and Bern have performed together for fifteen years as PACES: dance & poetry fit to the space. Bern and Weaver will perform a dance/poetry collaboration based on broadsides by Bern and Woods that feature Bern’s translations of Dante and his poem “Dialogue,” a dramatic exchange between Hildegard of Bingen and St. Francis of Assisi. The illustrated broadsides exhibit by Woods and Bern will be on view during gallery hours March 7 - 17, 2018.

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